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Happy Panda Birthday (Birthday) (Children)

Panda aka Giant Panda: appealing, eccentric, bamboo-ingesting bear, not a raccoon or cat as sometimes claimed, native to China. Solitary, mates only in specific season, females left alone by males to raise the young. Surprisingly few in existence, numbering only in the hundreds, even in China, fewer yet in captivity elsewhere. "Happy Birthday," perhaps the most sung song in the English language, dates back melodically to 1893. Two sisters, Mildre...

Happy Rough Ridin' Remington Birthday (Birthday/Children)

Painter/Illustrator/Sculptor Frederic Remington(1861-1909), consummate artist of the Old West and all varieties of Rugged Americana including on-site witnessing of T. Roosevelt's Rough Riders' charge up San Juan Hill. His work reflects his family tree's deep American roots : cousin to the founder of the gun manufacturer of the same celebrated name, distant relative of George Washington and various famous mountain men. "Happy Birthday," perhaps ...

Play A Simple Melody (Birthday/Children)

Music & words by Irving Berlin(1888-1989) from "Watch Your Step," 1914. One of the earliest of Berlin's trademark counterpoint songs, 2 melodies sung separately, then simultaneously as a duet.

Smiles (Birthday/Children)

Happy Birthday wishes from our 4-footed friends. Music by Lee S. Roberts, lyrics by J. Will Callahan, 1917.