“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”
FredGrams’ History Of Mother’s Day in picture, quote and song


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Mother’s Day was the creation of a complicated lady named Anna Jarvis who organized services held on May 10, 1908, specifically honoring her own mother and to encourage the establishment of a national holiday. Her life’s mission would become a passionate  campaign for all the rest of us to follow suit and honor “the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world.”

Official observance of Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May would eventually become law in every state of the Union and a financial bonanza catering to offspring reflexively obliged to send Happy Mother’s Day messages, flowers and sundry gifts to Mom on “her day.” Jarvis deplored this commercial development, repeatedly reminding the public that it is not tokens but personal, heartfelt, handwritten notes that matter, that this Second Sunday In May is (your) Mother’s (singular) Day, not Mothers (plural) Day. We are honoring an individual, not an abstract institution.

And so it should be. For those lucky enough to have had a good mother, it is a privilege to celebrate her. “An Ounce Of Mother” and “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle” are two  FredGrams utilizing Mother’s Day quotes accompanied by beautiful music and classic artwork. Old sentimental favorites such as “Smiles,” “Songs My Mother Taught Me,” and “I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl”  provide more colorful, expressive ways to say it.

To you who gave us life and shaped our characters, we salute you: Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

9)ronald-reagan-with mother, Walgreen estate, Dixon Ill 1950

Inspiring Mother’s Day messages: “Presidents speak of mothers.”


Go directly to the musical MOTHER’S DAY CARDS at FREDGRAMS.COM.