About Us


This musical site for vintage Holiday and Special Occasion cards was born out of my primal love for song: words and music, music and words. I was lucky to grow up in America (New Mexico) at a time when most children learned the same nursery rhymes and ditties our parents had known as American kids. I loved Rock in the 50s when I was a tot and in the 60s when I was a teen. What good planning on my part to turn 13 the very day the Beatles first arrived on U.S. soil for their Ed Sullivan appearances in February, 1964!

Eventually, the great songs of Gershwin, Kern, Rodgers, Berlin, Porter and the whole Tin Pan Alley/Vaudeville/Broadway/Hollywood gang won my adult heart, and that’s where I’ve lived and worked musically for more than 40 years.

For live audiences in my adopted home state of New Jersey and nearby Pennsylvania, I present a whole series of Lectures-in-Song showcasing that Golden Era of American Popular Song. From that era there are literally thousands of songs I would use to create FredGrams for this site, but copyright restrictions prohibit their use. Come the day when a reasonable financial arrangement can be made with those controlling the copyrights, that wealth of songs post-1922 will appear here too.

The colorful variety of vintage cards at FREDGRAMS.COM would not exist without the skill, talent and good humor of a southern gentleman named Jim Varner of Pinger Productions. For anything involving videos or video graphics, let this site be his recommendation.