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A Serene Day (Get Well/Thinking Of You)

The most famous movement from "The Carnival Of The Animals" (1886) by French composer Camille Saint-Saens(1835-1921). The musical setting for Pavlova's legendary "Dying Swan."

All Through The Night (Get Well/Thinking Of You)

Unmistakably Welsh folk song (" Ar Hyd y Nos") from late 18th century, a staple of Welsh choirs usually sung in Welsh, best known internationally for 1884 English lyrics by Sir Harold Boulton.

Amazing Grace (Get Well/Thinking Of You)

Written by English clergyman John Newton(1725-1807) as expiation for his involvement with the slave trade. First presented as part of a sermon in 1773, it was published in 1779, then forever after sung to the tune "New Britain" beginning in 1835.

April Showers (Get Well/Thinking Of You)

Music by Louis Silver, lyrics by B.G.(Buddy)De Sylva, 1921. Introduced and forever associated with Al Jolson. One of many "cheer-up" songs from the old days utilizing the "bluebird of happiness" as a reason to be hopeful. In an eternally tough world, such hope and faith expressed on the wings of song are most welcome.

Deep River (Get Well/Thinking Of You)

American Negro spiritual, author unknown, expressing the universal longing for freedom and salvation.

Irish Blessing, An (Get Well/Thinking Of You)

So old, so universally quoted that it has no known origin, only that it's Irish. The music is original to this site.