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He's Me Pal (Father's Day)

Sub-titled on the original sheet music as "East Side Love Song. Lyric by Vincent Bryan, Music by Gus Edwards, 1905, early Tin Pan Alley favorite. Edwards, vaudevillian & impresario of a famed children's stage troupe, also penned "School Days," "By The Light Of The Silvery Moon," and "In My Merry Oldsmobile."

Singing Dad's Praises (Father's Day)

"Prelude #1 (C major)" by German composer Johann Sebastian BACH(1685-1750). Just a relatively unknown (but busy) church organist/choir director in Leipzig during his lifetime, his incredible, unique musical output was largely forgotten until re-discovered by Felix Mendelssohn nearly a century after his death. Now BACH ranks among the most revered artists of all time.

Smiles (Father's Day)

Music by Lee S. Roberts, lyrics by J. Will Callahan, 1917.

To Dad (Father's Day)

Music original to this site.

To GrandDad (Father's Day)

"Sweet And Low," music by Sir Joseph Barnby set in 1863 to a selection of verse from the narrative poem "The Princess" (1847) by Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892).

Vintage Fathers (Father's Day)

"All Through The Night," unmistakably Welsh folk song (" Ar Hyd y Nos") from late 18th century, a staple of Welsh choirs usually sung in Welsh, best known internationally for 1884 English lyrics by Sir Harold Boulton.