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Allegro Maestoso-Water Music (G.F.Handel) (Thank You)

A celebrated selection from 3 orchestral suites composed by G.F. Handel(1685-1759). First performed 7/17/1717 by a 50 piece ensemble on a special floating platform riding alongside King George I's barge up (and down) the Thames.

Give My Regards To Broadway (Thank You)

Words & music by one-man American entertainment phenomenon George M. Cohan(1878-1942). From his musical "Little Johnny Jones," 1904.

Suite For Strings-Gigue (Corelli) (Thank You)

Oft-performed chamber piece by Baroque era Italian violinist & composer Arcangelo Corelli(1653-1713).

The Only Prayer: Thank You! (Thank You)

The PBS Masterpiece Theatre theme, "Fanfare- Rondeau" by French composer Jean-Joseph Mouret(1682-1738).